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I had the pleasure of spending a full day with Ghana Vakantie while I was on a business trip in Accra. I elected to cut down on driving time from Accra to the main fortresses and instead went to the Senya Bereku Fort(also known as Fort Good hope); a Dutch fortress built in 1702. The fortress has been fully restored. A little cafe serves cold drinks while you enjoy magnificent views of the sea.
My primary concern was safety as the streets in Accra are unpredictable with incomprehensible traffic rules, the millions of vendors and the occasional chaotic toll booth. I had nothing to worry about. The people of Ghana are extremely friendly and welcome foreigners. Erik the driver knows what he is doing. He is a safe driver and a pleasant person to hang out with for the day. As a tour guide, he is knowledgeable of the rich history of the country.
The fortress was certainly worth the two-hour drive (one way). The view of the fishermen preparing for their long trips at the shores of the town of Senya Bereku was a great bonus. One sees the real Ghana. I learned a lot about its culture.